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07/01/2000 The Court of Appeals Approves "Guardianship for Medicaid Planning"
08/31/2000 Inside the New York State Court of Appeals
09/15/2000 Knowing the Medicare Secondary Payer Rules is Necessary to Avoid Fines
07/01/2001 Estate Tax Reform - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
10/29/2001 New York State Vs. Village of Lakeside, Inc.
02/15/2002 Credit Shelter Trusts in 2002 and Beyond
03/01/2002 Penalizing Health Care Providers: Enforcement or Exploitation?
03/01/2002 Property Condition Disclosure Statement
03/01/2002 Ten Common Estate Planning Mistakes and Solutions
03/14/2002 Protection of Trademarks - A Review of The Basics
04/26/2002 Local Attorney Contributes Expertise to Mercy Center
07/20/2002 City Law Firm Turns 150
09/20/2002 Court Finds Irrevocable Trusts Not Part of Medicaid Eligibility
09/25/2002 People’s Law School Provides Public With Education On The Law
10/10/2002 Ten Woods Oviatt Gilman Attorneys are named in the 2001-2002 edition of
10/14/2002 Medicaid and The Baby Boomer Generation
10/25/2002 Law Firms Growing Despite Economic Slump
10/25/2002 The Challenge to Outside Directors to Monitor and Supervise Corporate Performance
11/01/2002 Appointment of Fiduciaries
11/01/2002 New Law Pertaining to Carbon Monoxide Detectors
11/12/2002 Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP Receives 'Chairman's Award'
10/01/2003 Woods Oviatt Adds New Attorney
10/12/2003 Home Sales: Tax Law Confusion
11/03/2003 Woods Oviatt Attorneys Listed in "The Best Lawyers in America"
11/18/2003 Medicare and Home Care Coverage
12/10/2003 Woods Oviatt Makes Holiday Donations
01/19/2004 Understanding the CAN-SPAM Act
02/17/2004 Leading Tax and Benefits Attorney Joins Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP as Partner
03/08/2004 René H. Reixach, Jr. Named a Fellow of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
04/12/2004 Notice For Contractors Who Perform Work On Public Construction Projects
04/16/2004 Rochester Hospital Merger Issues
04/27/2004 Can the Community Handle Another Health System Merger?
05/12/2004 In Sync, Out Of Sync: Effect Of Recent Federal Tax Legislation On New York Estate Taxes
05/12/2004 From Contract to Closing: The Legal Path to Buying or Selling a Home
05/12/2004 Landlord Liability for Lead Paint Poisoning Lawsuits
05/18/2004 Employers Need to Take Note of New Disclosure Rules for Retirement Plan Benefits
06/02/2004 Avoiding Adverse Consequences Upon The Issuance Of a Partnership Interest In Exchange For Services
07/14/2004 Woods Oviatt Gilman Receives United Way's Award of Excellence
07/20/2004 “Retiring? Have you Taken Care of Business?”
07/20/2004 Lawmakers Should Only Change Medicaid Policy Based on Facts Instead of Myths.
09/01/2004 SEC Proposes Registration of Hedge Fund Advisers
09/08/2004 SEC Requires Investment Advisors To Have A Code Of Ethics
09/08/2004 Structuring Payments To Retiring Partners to Escape Self-Employment Tax
09/27/2004 S-Corporation or Limited Liability Company: Analysis of a Common Question Faced by Business Owners
10/12/2004 William P. Smith, Jr. Nominated for Forty Under 40 Award
10/28/2004 Should Charitable Giving Be Part of Your Estate Plan?
10/28/2004 Using an ESOP to Purchase Stock of a Retiring Owner on a Tax Deductible and Tax-Free Basis
11/18/2004 The Use of Letters of Intent in Commercial Real Estate Transactions
11/18/2004 New Requirements for Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans Require Review of Existing Plans
12/04/2004 Increased Access to Medical Records of Decedents
12/10/2004 Woods Oviatt Gilman Makes Annual Holiday Donations
01/05/2005 IRS Targets Medical Professionals
01/06/2005 Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003: How Does the Drug Discount Card Work?
01/31/2005 Discrimination in the Workplace Based Upon Religion: Claims Are on the Rise
02/17/2005 Issues under the New Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Rules
03/25/2005 Woods Oviatt Gilman Adds Four New Attorneys
05/05/2005 Questions Surrounding the Living Will and Health Care Proxy
05/11/2005 Non-Compensatory Partnership Options
05/23/2005 Woods Oviatt Team Participates in Charity Fishing Tournament
06/14/2005 New IRS Guidance On the Issuance of Partnership Interest in Exchange for Services
06/20/2005 Animals Recover After Pet Store Seizure
08/15/2005 Medicaid Family Can Hold on to More Assets
10/06/2005 Robert W. Kessler, Esq. Receives the Rochester Area Community Foundation's Founders Award
10/20/2005 Use of "Phantom" Stock to Attract and Keep Key Employees
11/01/2005 Robert S. Attardo Named "Forty Under 40" Award Recipient
11/16/2005 Change in Federal Medicaid Law
01/04/2006 Advice to Founders of Section 501(C)(3) Organizations:
01/05/2006 December 2005 Woods Oviatt Newsletter
02/07/2006 Enhanced Rights of Trade Creditors in Bankruptcy
05/10/2006 Standoff over Medicaid victimizes elders, disabled
05/11/2006 How long-term care planning is impacted by new Federal Law
05/26/2006 Succession Planning for the Family Business
05/26/2006 Construction Law Practice Group
08/25/2006 Estate Planning for the Family Cottage
08/25/2006 Legal Pitfalls and Opportunities in Construction
09/05/2006 Summer Reading Contest Wrap-up
09/27/2006 Rene Reixach quoted in NY Times arcticle
11/01/2006 New SEC Rules on Executive Compensation
12/07/2006 Succession Planning for the Family Business
12/28/2006 December 2006 Woods Oviatt Newsletter
02/01/2007 Patrick M. Malgieri, Esq. Joins the Firm
02/07/2007 Robert D. Hooks to discuss debt collection on 3/27
05/08/2007 Tom Gilman honored with William McKnight Volunteer Service Award
06/06/2007 Greta Kolcon installed as GRAWA President
09/12/2007 Sean T. Hanna Joins Woods Oviatt as a Partner
09/25/2007 Finney/Rochester Enrichment Scholarship Announced
11/27/2007 New York State's New Initiative on Tax Fraud
12/31/2007 Woods Oviatt Makes 2007 Holiday Donations to Not-For-Profit Organizations
01/02/2008 Christian Valentino appointed by the Governor as a Member of Council for the State University of New York at Geneseo.
01/02/2008 Woods Oviatt Announces David DiMarco, Timothy Pellittiere and James Pronti Become Partners of the Firm.
01/05/2008 SEC Adopts New Rules To Modernize And Improve Capital-Raising, Reporting And Disclosure Requirements For Smaller Companies
01/08/2008 Greta K. Kolcon to speak at The New Litigator's Guide to Trial Practice Seminar on 3/26/2008.
01/08/2008 With The Increasing Costs of Long Term Health Care, You May Be Wondering, “Is Long Term Care Insurance Right for You?”
01/20/2008 Woods Oviatt's Winter 2008 Newsletter
01/25/2008 Is Long Term Care Insurance Right for You? – Part II
02/20/2008 Do I Need a Copy of My Deed?
02/20/2008 You Can Tame Your Tax Assessment Beast
02/20/2008 René H. Reixach, Jr. is Co-Counsel in Successful Medicaid Case Win Against the State Of Maryland.
02/21/2008 Five Legal Changes All New York Employers Need to Know
03/07/2008 May 1, 2008 - R. Thompson Gilman to speak at the Monroe Community College Foundation's "Securing Your Financial Future" Educational Series.
03/30/2008 Sixteen Woods Oviatt Attorneys named in 2008 edition of “The Best Lawyers in America”
04/10/2008 April 18, 2008 - Erin Smith, Esq. will be a featured speaker at the Victims' Rights Week Events in Batavia.
04/24/2008 Ten Common Estate Planning Mistakes and Solutions
05/10/2008 Members of Woods Oviatt Walk to Raise Money for Easter Seals
05/16/2008 Accessing Your Adult Children’s Medical Records
05/19/2008 Health Savings Plans - Better Than an IRA?
06/02/2008 Spring 2008 Newsletter
06/24/2008 Misclassification Of Workers
06/25/2008 Julie Jordan, Esg. to speak at the National Association of Women Business Owners Education and Resource Seminar.
07/03/2008 René H. Reixach, Jr. is Co-Counsel in Successful Medicaid Case Win Against the District of Columbia Medicaid Program.
07/15/2008 Patrick M. Malgieri, Esq. receives the Urban League of Rochester's Kathryn Terrell Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service.
07/17/2008 Annual Review of Investment Compliance Policies and Procedures
07/29/2008 Woods Oviatt Grows Intellectual Property Practice With Addition of Three Partners
08/18/2008 Gregory W. Gribben, Esq. to speak at the NASBA Banking Seminar
08/29/2008 Gary Amendola Fun Fund Sends Camp Good Days Children to Cooperstown
09/05/2008 11 Woods Oviatt Attorneys Selected for the 2008 New York Super Lawyers List
09/05/2008 "Take Me out to the Ball Game" Reading Contest Winners celebrate at Frontier Field
09/12/2008 Investment Adviser Compliance - Compliance Reminder - SEC Staff Summarizes Deficiencies Found in Recent Examinations
09/18/2008 Robert D. Hooks and Jaime M. Andrews to Speak on "Commercial Collections: Legal Strategies from A to Z".
09/25/2008 Greta K. Kolcon to Receive "Forty Under 40" Award
09/26/2008 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Duties of a Trustee under New York Law
10/23/2008 Keep Those Charitable Rollovers Coming! Another 14 Months at Least.
11/20/2008 Home Equity Theft Prevention Act Presentation
11/24/2008 Greta Kolcon will be a moderator for
12/01/2008 Woods Oviatt Makes Annual Holiday Donations
01/07/2009 Woods Oviatt Gilman's December 2008 Newsletter
01/07/2009 1/29/09 - Woods Oviatt Presents "An Employer's Guide to Corporate Downsizing"
01/07/2009 2/26/09 - Woods Oviatt Presents "Capital Raising Alternatives for Start-Up Businesses."
01/07/2009 3/12/09- Woods Oviatt Presents "Business Succession Planning"
01/09/2009 16 Woods Oviatt Attorneys Named to the 2009 "Best Lawyers in America" List.
01/16/2009 2/12/09 -Katherine M. McGuire, Esq. to Speak at University of Rochester's Office of Technology Transfer F.I.R.E. Series
01/16/2009 Woods Oviatt Gilman presents "What Every Landlord Should Know About Leases and Evictions".
01/29/2009 René H. Reixach is Co-Counsel in Successful Medicaid Planning Case Against the State of Pennsylvania.
02/27/2009 3/12/09 - Jack Battaglia and Tim Pellittiere to Speak on Business Succession Planning.
02/27/2009 4/16/09 - Katie McGuire to speak on "Using Intellectual Property to Maintain a Competitive Edge."
02/27/2009 5/14/09 - Paul Groschadl and Bob Attardo to speak on Credit Issues and Customer Bankruptcies
02/27/2009 2-27-09 Update - COBRA Premium Subsidy - Immediate Action Required By Employers
03/10/2009 Woods Oviatt Adds Intellectual Property Specialists to Team
03/11/2009 3/25/09 - Philip L. Burke, Esq. to speak on "Estate Tax Planning and The New Administration"
03/11/2009 4/2/09 Christian Valentino to Speak at SUNY Geneseo's Seminar on Survival Program
03/11/2009 3/24/09 - Julie S. Jordan, Esq. to speak on "State Court Litigation for New Practitioners"
04/06/2009 4-6-09 Is It Too Late To Plan?
04/22/2009 5-29-09 Katherine McGuire, Esq. to speak at the "Advancing Commercialization through Partnering" Roundtable Discussion Series.
04/27/2009 5-6-09 R. Thompson Gilman, Esq. Will Be Co-Presenter at MCC Planned Giving Committee Presentation.
05/04/2009 Spring 2009 Newsletter
05/15/2009 5-29-09 Dan O'Brien and John McAndrew to speak on "Representing Homeowners at Mandatory Settlement Conferences".
06/03/2009 6-11-09 Philip L. Burke, Esq. to Speak at the Upstate New York Financial Planning Symposium
06/03/2009 6-6-09 Greta K. Kolcon, Esq. and Julie S. Jordan, Esq. to Speak on Environmental Litigation Issues at WBASNY Annual Convention.
06/09/2009 Constitutionality of Sarbanes-Oxley Questioned
06/11/2009 Woods Oviatt Gilman to Sponsor The George Eastman House "Photographs of Jessica Lange" Exhibit
06/23/2009 Woods Oviatt Gilman Teams Up with the Rochester Red Wings and the Monroe County Library System for the "Take Me Out to the Ball Game Reading Contest".
06/30/2009 John K. McAndrew, Esq. to speak at New York State Bar Association's Residential Foreclosures Seminar
07/16/2009 Woods Oviatt Attorneys to speak at City of Phoenix's "Trademark, Copyright and Patent Seminar".
08/18/2009 8-18-09 Commissioned Salespersons' Employment Agreement Must Be in Writing.
08/18/2009 Seventeen Woods Oviatt Attorneys Named to the "Best Lawyers in America List"
09/11/2009 Woods Oviatt to Sponsor Pathways to Entrepreneurial Forum
09/11/2009 Eleven Woods Oviatt Attorneys Named 2009 New York Super Lawyers List.
09/18/2009 10-20-09 Estate Planning Update - Seminar for Bankers, Accountants and Financial Planners
10/02/2009 Seven Questions and Answers about New York's New Power of Attorney Law
10/02/2009 Interest Rate of 25% on Small Loan Not Found Usurious; Jaime Michelle Andrews Wins Judgment For Beneficial New York, Inc.
10/02/2009 10-2-09 - Rene H. Reixach to Speak at "Elders in the Fast Lane: Addressing Interstate Issues"
10/26/2009 11-20-09 Thomas M. DiPiazza, Esq. to Speak at the 44th Annual Tax Institute
10/26/2009 Fall 2009 Firm Newsletter
11/11/2009 Kelley Ross Brown, Esq. Named a Finalist for the 2010 Athena Award
12/03/2009 Woods Oviatt Makes Annual Holiday Donations to Local Organizations
12/04/2009 Closing the Non-Compliance Gap; Pertinent Issues for Practitioners
12/11/2009 Planned Giving: Now or Later?
01/05/2010 1/5/10 - John K. McAndrew and Andrew J. Ryan Become Partners of The Firm
01/07/2010 1/7/10 - Woods Oviatt Announces New Management Committee Members
01/14/2010 1/14/10 - New Disclosure Rules for 2010 Proxy Season
01/15/2010 1/15/10 - SEC Adopts Investment Adviser Custody Rule Amendments
03/01/2010 3-1-10 Katherine H. McGuire, Esq. Named Chair of the Rochester Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society
03/18/2010 4-7-10 Andrew J. Ryan, Esq. to Chair "Best Practices in Electronic Discovery" CLE
04/26/2010 5-19-10 R. Thompson Gilman To Speak at MCC Foundation's Securing Your Financial Future Series.
05/12/2010 9-29-10 René H. Reixach, Esq. will be Keynote Speaker at 13th Annual Elder & Disability Law Symposium in Edison, New Jersey
05/12/2010 5-12-10 Woods Oviatt Gilman's Spring 2010 Newsletter
05/21/2010 5-21-10 Mitch Nusbaum Rappells 21 Stories for the Boy Scouts of America.
06/03/2010 Kristopher J. Vurraro, Esq. selected as a 2010 "Up & Coming Attorney".
06/09/2010 6-9-10 False Patent Markings
06/16/2010 6-16-10 Provisional Patents
07/02/2010 7-2-10 Smaller Reporting Companies Securities Compliance Update
07/09/2010 10-15-10 René H. Reixach to speak at the New England Elder Law Symposium
07/28/2010 7-28-10 The Dodd-Frank Act – Additional Governance and Disclosure Requirements
08/19/2010 8-19-2010 Seventeen Woods Oviatt Lawyers Listed in The Best Lawyers in America® 2011
08/20/2010 9-23-2010 Robert Hooks, Esq. to speak at Advanced Collection Strategies
08/20/2010 11-18-2010 René H. Reixach to speak on Medicaid Litigation at Pennsylvania Bar Association Meeting.
08/30/2010 9-20-10 Gregory W. Gribben, Esq. to Speak on SEC Updates at ParenteBeard Banking Seminar
08/31/2010 8-31-10 Lorisa D. LaRocca, Esq. Named a 2010 "Up and Coming Businesswoman" by the Rochester Women's Network
09/01/2010 10-13-10 Katherine H. McGuire, Esq. to speak at University at Buffalo Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
09/08/2010 9-1-10 Woods Oviatt Gilman Receives Rochester Black Bar Association's 2010 Diversity Recognition Award
09/15/2010 9-15-2010 US News and World Reports Ranks Woods Oviatt Gilman in Tier 1 of Best Law Firms in America
10/04/2010 10-1-10 James P. McElheny, Esq. Selected as a 2010 "Leader in Law" by The Daily Record
10/04/2010 11-3-10 Greta K. Kolcon, Esq. and Ronald J. Kisicki, Esq. to Speak at Small Business Council Boot Camp on Internet Law
10/28/2010 10-25-10 Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP Joins Meritas, a Global Alliance of Business Law Firms
11/02/2010 11-2-10 Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP Fall 2010 Newsletter
11/04/2010 11-4-10 James P. McElheny, Esq. Named the 2010 Nathanial Award Winner by The Daily Record Newspaper
11/11/2010 12-3-10 Robert S. Attardo, Esq. to be a featured speaker the NYSBA "Hot Topics in Real Property Law and Practice"
12/01/2010 12-1-10 Robert F. Mechur Joins the Firm as A Partner in the Business and Finance Department
12/22/2010 12-22-2010 IRA Charitable Rollovers Now Available for 2010 and 2011
01/01/2011 1-1-11 Lorisa D. LaRocca, Christopher R. Rodi, Christian N. Valentino and Kristopher J. Vurraro have become Partners of Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP.
01/14/2011 1-14-11 Say-on-Pay Proposals Required for Upcoming Proxy Season
01/18/2011 1-18-2011 2010 Tax Relief Act Memorandum
01/26/2011 1-26-11 Update on Say on Pay Proposals
01/27/2011 2-9-11 Gregory W. Gribben, Esq. and Ronald J. Kisicki, Esq. to be panelists at Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology's Seminar on The Power of Angel Investing
02/09/2011 2010 Tax Relief Act
03/10/2011 3-31-11 Woods Oviatt Gilman to host seminar on Protecting and Growing Your Business: Critical Labor and Employment Issues Facing Employers.
03/10/2011 3-10-11 René H. Reixach, Esq. To Be Honored By The Empire Justice Center
03/18/2011 3-18-11 Wende Knapp, Esq. and Meagan Mahar, Esq. Join Woods Oviatt As Associate Attorneys
03/21/2011 4-13-11 R. Thompson Gilman, Esq. to Speak at The Financial Planning Association of Rochester's Estate Tax Update Seminar
03/28/2011 3-28-11 XBRL Reporting - Smaller Reporting Companies Securities Compliance Reminder
04/13/2011 4-21-11 Katie McGuire, Esq. Will Be a Featured Speaker at the Center For Emerging & Innovative Sciences Conference.
04/13/2011 5-11-11 -Katie McGuire, Esq. to Speak on Bringing Products to Market -Intellectual Property Considerations
04/14/2011 5-11-11 Jaime Andrews, Esq. and Seth Weinstein, Esq. to Speak at Landlord-Tenant Law Seminar
05/02/2011 5-2-11 Richard A. Marchese, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt Gilman as Of Counsel in the Elder Law and Health Care Practice Group
05/02/2011 5-2-11 Woods Oviatt Gilman Spring 2011 Newsletter
05/23/2011 6-16-11 Philip L. Burke, Esq to Speaker at Financial Planning Association's Symposium
05/23/2011 6-7-11 R. Thompson Gilman, Esq. and David P. Shaffer, Esq. to Speak at AAII Rochester Chapter Program
06/07/2011 6-6-11 Woods Oviatt Gilman Welcomes Summer Associates
06/09/2011 6-9-11 Ten Employment Pitfalls For the Unwary Employer
06/22/2011 6-22-11 Warren Rosenbaum Receives the President's Award from the Monroe County Bar Association
06/30/2011 6-30-11 Woods Oviatt Kicks Off the 9th Annual "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Reading Contest
07/18/2011 6-18-11 Bradley W. Komanecky, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt as Of Counsel in the Immigration and Nationality Law Group.
07/21/2011 7-21-11 René Reixach Featured in Article: HEALTHCARE: Medicare and Medicaid under the Knife
08/01/2011 8-1-11 Amy R. Coté, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt Gilman's Litigation Department
08/02/2011 8-2-11 Rick Marchese, Esq. Featured in the Daily Record's "Medicaid Compliance a Big Issue for New York State"
08/07/2011 Offshore Bank Accounts & Trusts: The Time is Running Out to Comply
09/01/2011 9-1-11 Howard Zaretsky, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP as a Partner in the Intellectual Property Group
09/06/2011 9-22-11 Best-Selling Author Nicole Williams to Speak at Woods Oviatt's Signature Women's Event
09/15/2011 9-15-11 Wende J. Knapp, Esq. Named A Forty Under 40 Award Recipient
09/30/2011 9-30-11 Nineteen Woods Oviatt Gilman Attorneys Listed in the 2012 Edition of Best Lawyers in America
09/30/2011 9-30-11 The Accountant’s Responsibility in a Criminal Tax Investigation
09/30/2011 11-3-11 Woods Oviatt to Host Seminar: "Wage and Hour Law Made Simple: Creating Compliance Strategies That Work"
10/04/2011 10-4-11 René H. Reixach Named Best Lawyers Health Care Lawyer of the Year.
10/18/2011 10-21-11 Katherine McGuire, Esq. To Speak at RIT's Web Of Opportunities Entrepreneurs Conference
10/21/2011 10-21-11 - As Seen in the Daily Record - Three Rochester Firms Get Top Rankings
11/01/2011 11-1-11 Woods Oviatt Gilman Named to the US News and World Report's "Best Law Firms" List for 2011-2012.
11/14/2011 11-14-11 Woods Oviatt Gilman's Fall 2011 Newsletter
11/23/2011 11-23-11 Target Capital Account Allocations
12/08/2011 12-8-11 Woods Oviatt Gilman Makes Annual Holiday Donations to Five Local Not-For-Profit Organizations
12/22/2011 12-22-11 Woods Oviatt Adds Three Attorneys To The Foreclosure Practice Group.
01/03/2012 1-3-12 Selling Your Business? Navigate Risks with an Open Eye
01/03/2012 1-3-12 Mark H. Tiernan, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt's Family Wealth and Estate Planning Department
01/04/2012 1-4-12 Case Threatens Rights of Medicaid Patients and Providers
01/10/2012 2-6-12 Philip L. Burke, Esq. to Present on "Ten Things You Need to Know About Spousal Portability: Making Use of the Unused Estate Tax Credit."
01/10/2012 3-9-12 Rene H. Reixach, Esq. to Speak at the Academy of Special Needs Planners in Memphis, TN
01/13/2012 1-13-12 Non-Attorneys May Not Handle Some Complicated Medicaid Applications
01/16/2012 1-26-11 Katherine H. McGuire, Esq. to Speak at RIT's Design of Business Program
01/25/2012 1-25-12 Suppliers of Kodak: How Could Kodak's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceeding Affect You?
01/25/2012 1-25-12 Kodak Employees: How Could Kodak's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceeding Affect You?
01/25/2012 1-25-12 Kodak Retirees: How Could Kodak's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceeding Affect You?
01/27/2012 1-27-12 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal -Bankruptcy Filing Puts Legal Battles in Flux
01/30/2012 1-30-12 Marcus W. Kroll, Esq. joins Woods Oviatt's Family Wealth and Estate Planning Department
02/03/2012 2-3-12 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal - Vendors of Kodak See Bumpy Road
02/07/2012 4-25-12 Jaime Michelle Andrews, Esq. and Seth A. Weinstein, Esq. will speak at Sterling's Landlord Tenant Seminar.
02/16/2012 2-16-12 Amy R. Coté, Esq. to Speak at GRAWA's "Connections Conversation" Event.
02/23/2012 2-23-12 SEC Staff Issues C&DI on “Say-on-Pay”
02/23/2012 2-23-12 As Seen in The RBJ - Haphazard Medicaid "Redesign" is a Threat to Long Term Care
02/27/2012 2-27-12 Nathaniel S. Bank, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt Gilman as an Associate in the Business and Finance Department
02/27/2012 2-27-12 As Seen in The Rochester Business Journal: Structured Plans for Improvement Offer a Second Chance
02/28/2012 2-28-12 New Reporting Requirements for Ownership of Specified Foreign Financial Assets
03/07/2012 3-24-12 Marcus W. Kroll, Esq. to Speak at the LGBT Legal Expo
03/21/2012 3-21-12 Douglas R. Smith, PH.D., J.D. Joins Woods Oviatt's Intellectual Property Department
03/23/2012 5-15-12 Jaime Michelle Andrews, Esq. and Seth A. Weinstein, Esq. to Speak on Landlord-Tenant Law in Syracuse
04/05/2012 4-5-12 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal: Transfering Your Company to the Next Generation? Better Act Now
04/26/2012 5-18-2012 Donald "Dan" O'Brien to Speak at "Masters in Trial Series" at St. John Fisher College.
04/26/2012 6-2-2012 Greta K. Kolcon, Esq. Will Be a CLE Faculty Presenter at the 2012 WBASNY Annual Convention.
05/01/2012 5-1-12 Timothy R. Curtin, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt as Of Counsel in the Public Finance Practice Group.
05/08/2012 5-7-12 Woods Oviatt Supports GRAWA's Career Program for the Girl Scouts.
05/10/2012 5-10-12 As Seen in the RBJ - Howard Zarestky, Esq. interviewed for "Software Developers Tread Carefully in a World of Big Ideas"
05/18/2012 5-18-12 As Seen in The Rochester Business Journal "Have You Looked at Your Shareholders Agreement Today?"
06/07/2012 6-7-12 Anthony R. Palermo, Esq. to Receive The 2012 John H. Pickering Achievement Award.
06/07/2012 6-7-12 René Reixach, Esq To Receive the 2012 President's Award for Professionalism
06/07/2012 5-31-12 Anthony Palermo, Esq. selected as the 2012 Justin L. Vigdor Senior Attorney Award Recipient
06/28/2012 6-28-12 SEC Finalizes Listing Standards for Compensation Committees and Advisers Independence
07/03/2012 7-3-12 Woods Oviatt's Spring 2012 Newsletter
07/24/2012 10-3-12 Greta K. Kolcon, Esq. To Speak on "Employment Laws Made Simple" at the National Business Institute Seminar
08/28/2012 8-28-2012 Say-on-Pay - Year Two in Review
08/28/2012 9-12-12 Lorisa D. LaRocca, Esq. to speak at the IREM Rochester Chapter Wage and Hour Issues Presentation.
09/10/2012 9-10-12 Woods Oviatt Named Honoree for the The 2012 Greater Rochester Awards
09/12/2012 10-3-12 - Greta Kolcon, Esq. Will Be a Featured Speaker at BNI's "Employment Laws Made Simple" Conference.
09/26/2012 10-15-12 René H. Reixach, Esq. Will Speak at the Suffolk Academy of Law on "Salient Issues in Elder Law"
09/26/2012 11-9-12 René H. Reixach, Esq. Will Be a Panelist On Medicaid Fair Hearings and Litigation
09/26/2012 11-7-12 René H. Reixach, Esq. Will Speak at The National Aging and Law Institute in Washington, DC
10/08/2012 10-2-12 René H. Reixach Has Success As Lead Counsel in Lopes v. Department of Social Services Case
10/17/2012 10-23-12 R. Thompson Gilman, Esq. to Speak on Estate Planning Fundamentals at YMCA
10/19/2012 11-8-12 Richard Marchese, Esq. to Speak on "Developing an Elder Law Practice".
10/19/2012 12-14-12 Richard Marchese, Esq. to Speak on "The Effects of Lump Sum Settlements on Public Benefit Recipients"
10/19/2012 12-10-12 Marcus Kroll, Esq. to speak on "Estate Planning for the Non-Traditional Family"
10/29/2012 10-10-12 As Seen in the Daily Record "Campaign for Justice 2012 Planning in Full Steam"
11/19/2012 11-19-12 Client Alert - Conflict Minerals Disclosure Requirements Adopted
11/26/2012 12-5-12 Katherine H. McGuire, Esq. Will Be a Speaker at the University at Buffalo's School of Management's Program on Intellectual Property and Technology Management
11/30/2012 11-30-2012 - Nineteen Lawyers from Woods Oviatt Named to the Best Lawyers in America List.
12/03/2012 12-3-12 Woods Oviatt Gilman Makes Annual Holiday Donations to Five Local Not-For-Profit Agencies
12/04/2012 12-4-12 Franchisor Liability for Franchisee Acts
12/12/2012 12-12-12 Fortune Magazine Names Woods Oviatt Gilman As One of The Top Nationally Ranked Law Firms in the United States
12/18/2012 12-18-12 Fall/Winter Woods Oviatt Gilman Newsletter
01/11/2013 1-11-2013 - 2013 Estate Tax Update
01/25/2013 1-25-13 Rights of First Refusal: Knowing What Is the Trigger
01/25/2013 1-25-13 Using the Courts to Resolve Inter-Lender Disputes in Tiered Loan Transactions
01/25/2013 2-2-13 Christen C. Bruu, Speak at Rochester General Hospital's Law School 101
02/05/2013 3-19-13 Richard Marchese, Esq. to Speak at the MCBA on Medicaid Asset Exclusions.
02/05/2013 4-25-13 Donald O'Brien, Esq. to Speak at the Monroe County Bar Association's Program "Advice from the Experts: Successful Strategies for Winning Commercial Cases in New York State Courts".
02/21/2013 3-27-13 Katherine H. McGuire, Esq. to speak on “Selected Topics in Intellectual Property Law” at UB
03/13/2013 4-18-13 Lorisa D. LaRocca, Seth A. Weinstein and Jennifer K. Meldrum to receive Excellence in Law Awards
03/18/2013 6-13-13 Marcus Kroll, Esq. to Speak on Key Life Legal Decisions at Pittsford Recreation Center
04/10/2013 4-18-13 Woods Oviatt to Host Seminars in Flagstaff and Phoenix, AZ - Protecting Your IP: Protecting and Enhancing the Value of Your Business
04/19/2013 4-19-13 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal “Rather than fight the inevitable for small hospitals, let’s manage it.” Written by Rene Reixach, Esq.
04/19/2013 5-23-13 Woods Oviatt To Host Seminar - Landlord's Remedies When Things Go Wrong
04/22/2013 4-22-13 Paul Farnsworth Named President of the Association of Legal Administrators
04/22/2013 5-21-13 Richard A. Marchese, Esq to Speak at Estate Planning Council on Medicaid Planning
04/24/2013 4-24-13 As Seen in the Daily Record - Lorisa LaRocca, Jennifer Meldrum and Seth Weinstein Featured in Profile Articles
04/24/2013 4-22-13 Woods Oviatt Attorneys Featured in Blog
04/29/2013 4-29-13 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal "On your mark, get set, go: It's a race to the patent office" by Howie Zaretsky, Esq.
04/30/2013 4-30-13 - Spider-Man Filming Shuts Down Streets - Click Here For More Information if You are Visiting our Offices 4/30- 5/9.
05/08/2013 5-8-13 Lying to the IRS/Not a Good Idea
05/10/2013 5-10-13 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal "Nonlitigation Work Dominates Attorneys' Workload."
05/13/2013 5-13-13 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal "Pointed Questions Reveal Answers About Costs, Quality of Life".
05/14/2013 5-14-13 As Seen in The Daily Record "Team Woods Oviatt Lands a Big Fish"
05/14/2013 5-14-13 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal "Eligibility For N.Y. Medicaid has Gotten Far More Stringent"
05/31/2013 5-31-13 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal - "Still Adding to Public Reporting Burdens."
06/05/2013 6-5-13 Gregory Gribben, Esq. to Speak At FPA Symposium on Investment Adviser Compliance and the Annual Review Requirement
06/12/2013 6-12-13 Frances M. Kabat, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt's Foreclosure Department
06/20/2013 6-20-13 Katherine McGuire, Esq. to Speak on "How to use Intellectual Property to Protect and Enhance the Value of Your Business"
07/02/2013 7-1-13 Woods Oviatt Expands by Combining Forces with Fix Spindelman Brovitz & Goldman PC
07/09/2013 7-9-13 - As Seen in the New York Law Journal "Two of Rochester's Oldest Law Firms Combine
07/10/2013 7-30-13 Marcus Kroll, Esq. to Speak at "Life After DOMA" Town Hall Meeting
08/13/2013 10-9-13 -Woods Oviatt to Host the 2013 Estate Planning Update
08/16/2013 8-22-13 Richard A. Marchese, Esq. to Speak at MCBA's CLE on Article 81 and Supplemental Needs Trusts
08/16/2013 10-7-13 Richard A. Marchese, Esq. To Co-Present at the National Business Institute's Seminar on Planning for Long Term Care
08/20/2013 8-20-13 Twenty-Three Woods Oviatt Lawyers Named on the 2014 "Best Lawyers in America" List.
08/27/2013 8-27-13 Victoria E. Munian, Esq. and Lisa A. Neilans, Esq. Join Woods Oviatt Gilman
09/20/2013 9-13-13 As seen in the Rochester Business Journal, "Enrolling Late in Medicare Part B may cause lifelong regret."
09/27/2013 9-27-13 Nate Bank Named a "Forty Under 40" Honoree By The Rochester Business Journal.
10/08/2013 10-3-13 Donald W. (Dan) O'Brien Named a "2013 Leader in Law" by the Daily Record
10/16/2013 10-16-13 Woods Oviatt Named One of the Top 50 Companies in Rochester by The Rochester Business Journal
10/28/2013 10-28-13 Watch the Video Overview of the 2013 Estate Planning Update
10/28/2013 10-18-13 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal - New York Medicaid Eligibility is Growing, Gaining Efficiency
10/28/2013 10-21-13 John C. Nutter, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt's Labor and Employment and Litigation Departments
11/01/2013 11-1-13 U.S. News & World Reports & Best Lawyers Name Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP on the 2014 List of "Best Law Firms".
11/08/2013 11-8-13 Dan O'Brien Named the 2013 Nathanial Award Winner By The Daily Record.
11/18/2013 11-21-13 Dennis Danella and Greg Gribben will be Featured Speakers at Clarkson University's Global Entrepreneurship Week.
12/04/2013 12-4-13 Woods Oviatt Makes Holiday Donations to 5 Local Not-For-Profits
12/10/2013 12-10-13 Robert D. Hooks, Esq. to Speak at Landlord-Tenant Law Seminar
01/01/2014 1-1-14 Natalie A. Grigg and Richard A. Marchese named Partners of Woods Oviatt Gilman.
01/21/2014 1-21-14 As Seen in The Rochester Business Journal - Budget Law Will Unfairly Harm Injured People Covered By Medicaid
01/23/2014 4-23-14 Jaime Michelle Cain, Esq. to Speak at Lorman's "Landlord and Tenant Law in New York" Seminar.
01/28/2014 1-27-14 Louis H. Guard, Esq. Joins Woods Oviatt's Real Estate Department
02/19/2014 2-19-14 Woods Oviatt Attorneys to Participate in the Veteran's Referral Panel.
03/17/2014 3-14-14 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal - Richard Marchese discusses Long Term Care Insurance
03/17/2014 3-14-14 As seen in the Rochester Business Journal - Rene Reixach Discusses "In health jobs, drug felony brings draconian punishment"
03/25/2014 3-25-14 Woods Oviatt Adds Four New Attorneys
03/26/2014 3-26-14 Donald (Dan) O'Brien, Esq. to be a featured speaker at "Fundamentals of Trial"
04/01/2014 4-1-14 Thirteen Woods Oviatt Attorneys Are Included on the 2014 Upstate New York Super Lawyers List and Three Attorneys Are Named 2014 Upstate New York Rising Stars.
04/09/2014 4-9-14 John Nutter, Esq. to Co-Chair the MCBA's CLE "Lifecycle of a Lawsuit II: Discovery"
04/11/2014 4-11-14 As seen in the Rochester Business Journal - Rene Reixach, Esq -"When Nursing Home Closed, a Cooperative Plan Was Notably Lacking"
05/01/2014 5-1-14 Marcus Kroll, Esq. to be a featured speaker at the MLC Series on Marriage Equality.
05/01/2014 5-1-14 Woods Oviatt's Spring 2014 Newsletter
05/07/2014 5-7-14 From WHEC 10NBC News - "Is it Too Expensive to Die in New York?" Phil Burke, Esq. and Christen Bruu, Esq. Discuss The New York Estate Tax with Jennifer Mobilia.
05/07/2014 5-13-14 Rene Reixach, Esq. to Speak on "Administrative Appeals and State/Federal Court Advocacy: Current and Emerging Issues”
05/19/2014 5-16-2014 - As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal - SEC Proposes Regulation A+
05/19/2014 5-9-14 As Seen in the Rochester Business Journal - Post-recession, It's Still a Buyer's Market for Legal Services.
05/29/2014 5-29-14 Kelley Ross Brown, Esq. and David P. Shaffer, Esq. named 2014 "Excellence in Law" Honorees
07/04/2014 7-4-14 As seen in the Rochester Business Journal - "Some Firms Opt to Design their Own Assessment Programs"
07/24/2014 7-24-14 Rene Reixach to Speak on Current Trends in Medicaid Planning for Nursing Home Care
08/18/2014 8-18-14 Twenty-Four Woods Oviatt Attorneys Named to "Best Lawyers in America" List.
08/29/2014 8-29-14 As Seen in the Ann Arbor Chronicle - Donald (Dan) O'Brien, Esq. Represents Plaintiffs in the case, Yu v. City of Ann Arbor
09/12/2014 9-12-14 Woods Oviatt Gilman to Open a Buffalo Office
09/16/2014 9-16-14 As Seen in the Buffalo News - Rochester Law Firm to Open Office - Woods Oviatt To Build on Buffalo Connections
09/25/2014 9-25-14 Lorisa LaRocca, Esq. and Timothy Lyster, Esq. Named Recipients of the "Forty Under 40 Award".
09/26/2014 10-28-14 Rene Reixach, Esq., Richard Marchese, Esq. and Marcus Kroll, Esq. To Be Featured Speakers at the Rochester Elder Law Fair
09/30/2014 9-30-14 Robert W. Kessler, Esq. Named as a "Leader in Law" by The Daily Record.
10/01/2014 10-1-14 Woods Oviatt Gilman Assists Kayne Partners in $15M Investment
10/03/2014 10-3-14 Case Notes Hughes V. McCarthy - Article co-authored by Rene Reixach, Esq.
10/06/2014 10-6-14 As Seen in Buffalo Business First "Appellate Court Backs the Maid of the Mist".
10/13/2014 10-10-14 As Seen in The Daily Record "Smooth Sailing For the Maid of the Mist."
11/11/2014 11-11-14 Woods Oviatt offers services to Veterans year round with Accredited Veterans Affairs Attorneys.
01/05/2015 1-5-15 Sarah J. Kwiatkowski, Esq. and David P. Shaffer, Esq. are named Partners in the firm.
01/05/2015 1-5-15 As seen in Buffalo Business First - Woods Oviatt Makes a Quick Transition in Buffalo.
01/12/2015 1-12-15 Woods Oviatt Lead Counsel For Kayne Partners and the Atlas RFID Deal.

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