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Securities & Shareholder Litigation

Practice Leader:

William G. Bauer
Phone #: 585-987-2811
Fax #: 585-987-2911
Email: wbauer at woodsoviatt dot email_domain_ext

When a company runs into an unexpected crisis, it often faces a perplexing array of challenges--shareholder lawsuits, investigations, harsh media publicity and more.  At these times, there is no substitute for experience and integrated solutions.  

Our attorneys provide legal counsel in securities litigation matters including:

  • Fraud and suitability claims
  • Administrative enforcement and disciplinary matters
  • Stockholder actions, including prosecution and defense of class action suits. 

We also handle stockholders derivative suits, as well as litigation involving underwriters, brokerage and financial institutions.

Our securities litigators have the experience and capabilities needed to achieve a successful outcome, we offer integrated solutions to the most complex and challenging situations facing corporations today.



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