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Foreclosures / REO

Practice Leader:

John K. McAndrew
Phone #: 585-987-2885
Fax #: 585-987-2985
Email: jmcandrew at woodsoviatt dot email_domain_ext

When things do not proceed as planned, our attorneys provide sound counsel and a swift response in assisting secured creditors to protect their interests in mortgaged property, both commercial and residential.  In addition to commencing and prosecuting judicial foreclosure sales throughout the state on behalf of lenders, we also review and assess each situation to determine if a deed in lieu of foreclosure may be appropriate, thus allowing us to further mitigate our client’s expenses.  If the foreclosure proceeding cannot be avoided, we represent clients in contested foreclosure litigation, as well as in surplus and deficiency judgment actions. 



Our attorneys will review all matters of title on the property to ensure that the foreclosure proceeding will proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In the event the secured creditor becomes the owner of residential property at the conclusion of the foreclosure (otherwise referred to as “REO” or “real-estate owned”), our attorneys will provide experienced counsel in formulating the sale contract and transfer documents so that these secured creditors can transfer these properties as rapidly as possible.



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