July 13, 2021
Events & Presentations

7-29-21 Litigation Lunch Break Webinar - Statute of Limitations

Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP invites you to participate in the second installment of our webinar series which explores pertinent themes dominating the Banking and Mortgage Servicing Industry and cutting edge areas of litigation. These programs are presented for the benefit of General Counsel, managers and clients who work in this area to help clarify and advance how the financial services industry can be best prepared for the future.

Our July 29th webinar will cover Statute of Limitations. Statute of Limitations is not something that can be ignored, and is not always the easiest to calculate, particularly in light of the COVID Pandemic. From tolling to restarting the Statute of Limitations, we will explore the impact of the pandemic, Executive Orders, and Administrative Orders in calculating the Statute of Limitations. Join Natalie A. Grigg, Esq. and Brian Capitummino, Esq. as they assess the ever changing landscape within the state and federal court system, and provide insight as to what it may mean for your business.

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Remaining topics in our lineup for this webinar series includes the topics below. Invitations will be sent separately for each of these webinars.
  • August: Litigation Ethics and Litigation: What you need to know when handling a case in Federal and State Court
  • September: Employment Issues and the Financial Services Industry: What you need to know to stay compliant
  • October: RESPA – Recent changes, loss mitigation, and impact on litigation
  • November: ECOA: Fair Lending in the Midst of COVID
  • December: Telephone Consumer Protection Act: Analysis of critical issues, trends, litigation and regulatory developments

July 29th Webinar Presented by:
Natalie A. Grigg, Partner - Default Services
Brian D. Capitummino - Litigation