December 22, 2023

12-22-23 Mitchell Nusbaum and Jennifer Schauerman named to the Rochester Business Journal's Power 50 Law List

We are pleased to announce that Mitchell Nusbaum and Jennifer Schauerman have been named to the Rochester Business Journal's Power 50 Law list.

The list published by the Rochester Business Journal contains a number of lawyers who are running a law firm or the Rochester office of a law firm, but it also includes judges, civil legal services leaders, and more.  The people on this list help make sure the legal needs of Rochester’s companies and residents are met, and they have helped the local legal community adapt to the changes the COVID-19 pandemic caused. They are working to push the Rochester legal community forward during a time of uncertainty and adaptation.  

Read more about Mitch and Jenn below.

Mitchell S. Nusbaum, Esq. Managing Partner, Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP

Years in current role: 6

What do you think the biggest change in the legal industry will be over the next 3-5 years?

I believe that, in the coming years, the most dramatic and revolutionizing change in the legal industry — and, frankly, every business sector — will be the accelerating pace of technological advancement, most notably the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence. In our field, we are just learning of the vast potential of AI, as well as the risks and potential pitfalls it presents. Striking a balance between the added efficiency offered by AI and other developing technologies and maintaining and upholding the ethical standards of our profession will require vigilance and expertise. Our firm has begun to monitor and address many facets of AI so that we can stay on top of the inevitable issues that will arise as AI becomes more mainstream.

What are the most important skills lawyers need that they didn’t need 10-20 years ago?

While diligence, discretion, loyalty, and substantive expertise continue to be essential skills for attorneys, the profession today demands significant technological savvy and independence as well. Lawyers must now be well-versed in legal technology, including e-discovery tools and data analytics, to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Since the pandemic and the rise of remote work, lawyers have needed to be nimble and adaptable, and to further hone their communication and collaboration skills.

What Rochester-area organizations do you support and why?

Woods Oviatt has always prioritized giving back to the Rochester community. Our firm, attorneys, and staff are deeply engaged in philanthropy, supporting a diverse range of organizations throughout Western New York. These include the Boys and Girls Clubs, the American Heart Association, the Boy Scouts of America, St. John’s Home, the Education Success Foundation, and the Jewish Community Federation, among many others. We are grateful to be part of Rochester’s long tradition of caring for our community and positively impacting the lives of those around us.

Jennifer Schauerman, Partner, Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP; President, GRAWA

Years in current role: almost 2 years as Partner; 6 months as GRAWA President

What do you think the biggest change in the legal industry will be over the next 3-5 years?

As we continue to adapt to balancing in-person and remote work, the way that attorneys network and form mentorship relationships has changed, and will continue to evolve. The option to walk down the hall at the office and seek advice from a colleague on an issue is no longer available for everyone. Newer attorneys may miss out on opportunities to observe and learn from more seasoned attorneys if they are not in the office together. Bar associations will play an important role in this change, to provide attorneys with creative opportunities to connect and form relationships outside of the traditional office structure.

What are the most important skills lawyers need that they didn’t need 10-20 years ago?

Although there has always been a need for lawyers to stay current on technology developments, the recent focus on Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT’s role in the practice of law has made this even more important. The ability to keep up with new technology to understand how, and when, to responsibly use it to enhance your practice will be critical.

What Rochester-area organizations do you support and why?

I am proud to be serving as the 41st President of the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys (GRAWA), and to continue the work that GRAWA has done over the past 40 years to increase representation and opportunities for all women in the legal profession. I have been involved with GRAWA since I graduated law school, and the support, friendship, and leadership opportunities that GRAWA has provided over the years has helped to shape my legal career. I have also been involved with, and continue to support, the Monroe County Bar Association. Our local bar associations provide much-needed opportunities for lawyers to connect and stay engaged and contribute to a very collegial Rochester legal community.