Transactional Tax Planning

Changes in the tax code, or its interpretation, can have a profound effect on a company—not only on its bottom line, but on its expansion options, future prospects and in some cases, its own survivability. It is important to have experienced tax attorneys who can quickly provide solid advice based on the timeliest information.

Our attorneys provide cutting edge and comprehensive advice in structuring transactions to minimize or avoid adverse tax consequences. The team includes experienced tax attorneys with advanced degrees in taxation and substantial experience working with individuals and closely held and public companies.

We provide a full range of transactional tax planning advice, including:

  • Choice of entity considerations;
  • Tax-free corporate reorganizations (i.e., mergers, spin-offs,recapitalizations etc.);
  • Acquisitions and dispositions;
  • Executive deferred compensation planning, including new Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code;
  • Installment sales;
  • Tax favored structures for venture capital projects involving limited liability companies, corporations, limited partnerships etc.;
  • Tax favored business exit strategies;
  • Real estate like-kind deferred exchanges.

Transactional Tax Planning

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