Asset Protection Planning

In an increasing litigious world, protecting your personal and business assets from lawsuits and other creditor claims is becoming more and more important. Our attorneys can work with you to implement appropriate strategies which help form a barrier between your assets and those who are trying to get access to them.

Our services include:

  • Forming entities to protect your assets such as:
    • Corporations;
    • Limited liability companies;
    • Family limited partnership;
    • Asset protection trusts;
  • Long Term Care counseling and discussions concerning:
    • Medicaid eligibility;
    • Transfer and “lookback” rules;
    • Rights of surviving spouses;
  • Estate Planning for beneficiaries “at risk” including:
    • Using trusts to protect assets from “spendthrifts”;
    • How to protect assets from chemical dependency issues and bad marriages;
    • Protecting assets from your beneficiaries’ creditors.

Asset Protection Planning Practice Leader