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Mediation can be a confidential, speedy and informal method to resolve a dispute at far less expense than a formal lawsuit.  The parties rely on a trained mediator to facilitate discussion and assist them and their counsel to reach a result satisfactory to all concerned.  Mediation allows the interested parties to directly participate and control the negotiations to fashion  practical and potentially creative solutions to legal issues.

Woods Oviatt ‘s Mediation Practice Group offers offers highly experienced and trained mediators  who assist litigants and their counsel to benefit from a speedy and efficient process aimed at a negotiated settlement.   Our team lead by William Bauer includes skilled lawyer/mediators with vast experience in matters involving many legal matters including:

  • Estate Disputes
  • Business/Contract disputes 
  • Personal injury claims
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Labor Law claims
  • Construction law claims
  • Intellectual Property Disputes

Our teams’ mediation experience together with careful and thorough preparation provide a viable and highly effective alternative to traditional litigation.

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Mediation Practice Leader

Direct: 585-987-2811
Fax: 585-987-2911

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