Wage & Hour Litigation

Wage and hour lawsuits pose the greatest employment litigation threat to American businesses today. Our attorneys are deeply versed in the wage & hour law issues facing employers and we provide pro-active advice and representation in related matters, including:

  • The New York State Labor Law and general regulations regarding employment, hours, conditions, and pay;
  • Exempt or non-exempt status of employees;
  • Record keeping requirements under state and federal wage and hour law;
  • Federal and State minimum wage and overtime laws;
  • Deductions from wages; and
  • Defense of state and federal wage and hour claims.

When disputes or litigation arise, our knowledge and resources limit our clients' exposure and expenses while resolving the matter. We have successfully represented employers in State and Federal wage and hour claims based upon exempt/non-exempt misclassifications, independent contractor/employee misclassifications and failure to properly compensate employees based upon issues such as travel time, donning and doffing, improper wage deductions and similar employer pitfalls.

Wage & Hour Litigation Practice Co-Leader

Andrew J. Ryan

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Wage & Hour Litigation Practice Co-Leader

Gordon S. Dickens

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