Estate & Trust Administration

Our attorneys provide legal representation to Executors, Administrators and Trustees regarding the proper discharge of their fiduciary responsibilities. We maintain timetables for proper estate and trust administration for timely settlements and tax compliance. We offer strategic advice in relation to potential claims by any adverse parties and defend against claims if they arise.

Our services include:

  • Outline of fiduciary duties;
  • Preparation of pleadings for admission of Last Will and Testament to probate;
  • Court Inventory;
  • Establishment of estate/trust account(s);
  • Fiduciary income tax planning;
  • Assistance with liquidation of assets as necessary or advisable;
  • Planning distributions to beneficiaries consistent with tax planning for estate/trust;
  • Monitor payment of debts, taxes and obligations of deceased/trust;
  • Preparation of fiduciary accounting;
  • Preparation of estate tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns;
  • Advice on proper interpretation of Will and Trust documents;
  • Proceedings for judicial settlements and non-judicial settlements including release of Executor/Administrator/Trustee from further liability and accountability
  • Estate litigation.

We have experience regarding all aspects of estate and trust administration and stand ready to assist fiduciaries with the proper discharge of their duties.

Estate & Trust Administration Practice Leader