Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

Our attorneys advise clients of the value of well-thought-out pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and other important considerations when contemplating marriage from a legal standpoint. Our advice goes well beyond fixing terms of dissolution in the event that the marriage should fail. The primary reason for agreements is for future planning and security including avoidance of expensive litigation in the event that unplanned and often undesired events take place.

Pre-nuptial agreements are, in short, written contracts designed to take various matters such as these and others into account:

  • Whether the prospective spouses will include one another in wills, trusts, and other survivorship benefits such as life insurance;
  • Whether either spouse would require or waive spousal support in the event of termination of the marriage;
  • Division of real and personal property acquired by either before or after the marriage;
  • Rights and obligations relative to support of minor children;
  • Waiver of estate's rights.

Post-nuptial agreements are binding agreements made between a husband and wife after the marriage has taken place that takes similar matters into account.

Both pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements can provide future security to any spouse, one with significant assets and income or one without.

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