Education & School Law

Our attorneys provide planning and counsel on a broad range of education-related issues, and regularly handle litigation of disputes arising in an academic setting. We represent educational institutions including colleges, public school districts, private schools, day care and specialized educational institutions, such as religious schools. Our attorneys also regularly work with parents, children, school supervisors and teaching staff to resolve disputes.

Our firm is experienced in:

  • General School Law Issues - we handle perennial disputes that arise in areas involving student safety and rights, student discipline, free speech/religious expression, and privacy and records issues.
  • Special Education - we work with special education issues, including IEP review, IEP meetings, hearings, and appeals.
  • Employment in Education - we handle union grievance arbitration, as well as collective bargaining. Employment issues such as hiring, termination, tenure and employee benefits disputes, sexual discrimination and harassment, and reasonable accommodations for disabilities, take on unique contours in the context of education.
  • School Contracts - we work with educational institutions regarding construction contracts, bid specification review, environmental and zoning issues, and litigation.

Education & School Law Practice Leader

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